Resources For Makers

Gatekeeping is GROSS.
Here are some sources of mine, for you. When I started my business a few years ago I had NO idea where to start. I've learned a lot along the way and took a note from another maker, The Peach Fuzz, who I saw share their sources. I hope that this helps!

I made an Amazon storefront of things that I regularly use for my business. All of which are organized into categories. I do receive commission if you use my link but you can just use this as a guide! 

All things laser related, sublimation related, market gear, etc. can be found there! 

Where do I get my acrylic from? So many places. Here is a short list of a few of my favorite acrylic shops.
Wai Supplies -
The best opaque white acrylic imo. Everything is masked beautifully. Small family owned business.
Houston Acrylic - They have a lot of great sales and free shipping after $100! LGBTQ/Woman owned.
Cerulean Tides - Rewards program, amazing laser resources, free shipping after $250 and lot's of unique sheets. Woman owned.
Smokey Hill Designs - This shop has so many unique patterns and they do custom work. This is where I order all of my exclusive patterns that I personally customize for my earrings. Easy to work with. 

✿ What laser do I use? Currently I have a Glowforge Pro and a Glowforge Plus. Very user friendly. If you've been considering this laser you can use my referral code for $500 off of your laser.
$500 off Glowforge

✿ Where do I get my earring cards and thank you cards printed?
Currently, Vista Print. I design them either on my iPad in Procreate or in Canva Pro. I get my personalized packing tape here too and also the stickers that go inside of my boxes. I use business cards for earring cards and just adjust my artwork to fit how I want it. They have a lot of sales, keep an eye out! In the past I used Zazzle and they are ~okay~ but the quality from VP has just been better in my own experience for earring cards.

✿ Where do I get my packing supplies?
You can find the link to where I get my boxes in my Amazon Storefront. I use a variety of sizes for different products that I sell, I also get my mesh bags I send the earrings in from there. My jewelry boxes that I use for necklaces are from JPI Display They offer a ton of varieties of colors and sizes, they are not customized. My custom logo tape I order from VistaPrint, it's water activated. I get my tissue paper from the Dollar Tree!

✿ Where do I get my stickers and keychains made?
After I draw up a design, I get my stickers printed from both Sticker Ninja and Sticker App. Both are great quality and allow you to customize them.

My keychains I have manufactured from Vograce. They have so many options for you to customize your keychain designs and the quality is amazing. 

Full disclosure, I was using Sticker Mule before for both stickers and keychains, as well as my packing tape. However, they have since been outed as extremely problematic with views and practices I do not support.

✿ Where do I get my metal and enamel jewelry manufactured?
I used The Pin Department to have my first round of pins, enamel studs, and enamel charms made. The quality is very good, they are based in Los Angeles, and the forms are pretty straight forward. They also offer more products that you can get manufactured. I have also been working with a manu on Alibaba and am extremely happy with the work that they do.

✿ Where do I get my claw clips made?
After I draw / design my claw clips I get them manufactured from manu's on Alibaba. Navigating this website can be a little stressful and if I had better advice for you I would offer it, you just have to send a lot of messages and find a company that will work with you. The names of the two companies who have made clips for me are Yiwu Dowell Accessories Co., Ltd. and Yiwu Canyuan Import and Export Co., Ltd. 

✿ Who prints my clothing?
I currently use Printful to fulfill my clothing orders, totes, phone cases, and mugs. Not everything comes out perfect right away and ordering samples is a must. POD gets a lot of flack but imo there is nothing inherently wrong with it as long as you are not just drop shipping generic styles and claiming that they are "handmade". I don't have the funds to invest in a lot of clothing inventory at this stage in my business and it's been an easy enough system to navigate to have my original designs printed. This also saves on waste because things are made-to-order. You can use my referral code for $$ off your first sample! 
Printful Referral Link 

✿ Where do I get my fonts?
I buy the commercial license to use a lot of the fonts on my website, in my designs, etc. from Creative Market. You can also find procreate elements and brushes for sale here, along with patterns, and other digital items you may find useful for your branding. 

✿ What do I use for bookkeeping?
I invested in the Paper + Spark seller spreadsheets when I got serious about my business and they have been a lifesaver for taxes, inventory, expenses, all the things none of us like to do. There are specific sets that you can buy for whatever e-commerce platform that you use, how-to videos, and a Facebook group to ask questions in. I feel fully supported with this one time investment and highly recommend them if you, like me, don't understand these kinds of things. 

If there are more things you would like to see added to this list please let me know in the contact form! I am happy to share and help where I can.